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For those of us with E398s, there are two ‘issues’ with bluetooth that affect the phone.

1. When enabling bluetooth on the phone, you get an error similar to “enabling bluetooth failed, please restart phone and try again”. This is a serious error, and is most likely a hardware problem with your phone. New firmware may fix this… I’ve never had the problem so I have no idea.

2. Bluetooth enables fine, but some devices wont connect. This is very common with people running ROKR firmware on their E398’s. The problem is basically this:
When you flashed the 42r-for-all file, which included code group 6 (a part of your PDS zone unique to your phone), your PDS was reset to default and your phone remade it for you. The phone looks at your IMEI and makes your PDS for you, which is great but unnecessary for most people who already had a working PDS. Also, when the phone re-creates your PDS for you, it doesn’t work 100%, as the section of your PDS which stores your bluetooth address gets erased. This means that your phone’s bluetooth “address” gets reset to FF:FF:FF:FF:FF:FF (in hex). Some bluetooth devices will still work OK, you will have to pair them again as the address has changed, but some will see this address as invalid and refuse to work.

To clarify, your bluetooth address is NOT the name you enter in bluetooth setup, it’s something that should be unique to all phones and stored in your PDS. Sort of like your IMEI code, except you can change your PDS without hardware mods. It’s similar to the MAC address of your computers network card.

For example, if you’re running Windows 2000 or XP, open a command window (start->run->CMD) and type “ipconfig /all”. Depending on your setup you’ll see somewhere:
Physical Address. . . . . . . . . : 00-11-43-68-57-C5 (with a different value). This hardware address is your MAC address, and the concept is very similar to your bluetooth address. Anyway, enough with the explanation, onto fixing the problem!

Here’s how to determine if you have this problem

You will need:
Your phone
A USB data cable (NOT bluetooth)
P2KMan software (get it here)

1. Make sure under USB settings, your phone is in Data/Fax mode not Memory Card
2. Start P2KMan
3. Plug your phone in and wait for it to be detected, may take a minute. It will tell you when it’s connected
4. Type in 00AB for the SEEM address as shown, and hit download seem
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5. Save the seem file somewhere and open it with a hex editor, in this case I’ve used XVI32 which is great
Image Hosted by

6. Here we can see the BT address is incorrect… so we’ll have to fix it

Here’s another, easier way to check your BT address
You will need:
Your phone
A bluetooth dongle
Windows XP using standard BT drivers

1. Plug your BT dongle in and let Windows install it
2. Right click on the BT icon in the taskbar and choose “Show devices”
3. Click “add” and “my device is ready”
4. Go to BT options on your find and choose “find me”
5. Press next and wait till your device is found
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6. Right click on the device found go to properties
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7. Again we see the BT address is wrong!

Fixing the bluetooth address problem
To fix this problem you will need to modify your phone’s PDS zone. This is something unique to your phone, if you aren’t careful you can damage your phone and may not be able to recover it. Before you proceed, download Random’s Flashbackup v2.5 from the downloads section here, connect your phone and make:
A full backup, a PDS backup and a bootloader backup. Don’t skip this step for any reason. Now, there are to ways to fix this, the first is very simple but you must have a PDS backup from before you flashed 42r-for-all (or any other firmware containing CG6/RepairCG). Look in your backups folder (you do have one right?!) and see if you have a prevous PDS backup, it can be from R372 or R373 (the older i398 MP’s etc.), it doesn’t matter.

1. I have an old PDS backup, phew!: All you need to do is restore it with Flashbackup (PDS ONLY). Even if its an old PDS, the phone will convert it for you and your bluetooth address will be fixed!

2. I don’t have an older PDS backup: Well you should! OK that’s not helpful, but you’re not screwed, it’s possible to fix it anyway

Fixing - method 1
First make sure you actually have a broken BT address using either method above! Also make sure you have the backups folder setup in FlashBackup. PLEASE NOTE: If you have already modded your PDS to fix iTunes ‘platform not supported’ error, YOU WILL HAVE TO RE-FIX YOUR PDS!

You will need:
Your phone
A USB data cable
Random’s FlashBackup 2.5 or newer (get it from Downloads section)

1. Run Flashbackup, plug your phone in and wait until it’s detected
2. Choose PDS Backup under mode
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3. Press the “…” button and look at your backups
Image Hosted by

4. I’m going to use a backup from when I was running and older PCMMod, note the 1ER version number. This was before I used 42r-for-all and broke my BT address. You will have to decide yourself which backup you have that was made before you broke your BT address.

5. Choose your backup and hit restore. It should only take a few seconds to complete, and your phone will reboot.

6. Using one of the methods above, check your phone’s address again
Image Hosted by

7. Back to normal!

iTunes will not work now. Yeah I just realised this, and I’ll have to write the second bit to encompass fixing your PDS for iTunes AND BT. Stay tuned

Fixing - method 2

So you don’t have a PDS backup from before you flashed ROKR firmware? muncheno wrote this procedure to repair your BT address. I’ll write a guide to this later with pictures and stuff, it’s not that hard to follow so if you’re desperate use this:

The section where you modify the PDS address is important, the rest is for the iTunes mod

E398(R372/R373_1ER) to E398@Rokr Steps:

Part 1: Backup
1) Always make your full backup & PDS with flashbackup or Ramdlr.

Part 2: Check & Backup Bluetooth Address
2) Using p2ktools/p2kseem/p2kfunc to load from phone the seem 00AB (Bluetooth address) and SAVE

3) Check if the seem 00AB address (first 12 digits) same as the address write in the
sticker at the back of your phone. Ex.(BD_ADDR: xx xx xx xx xx xx) <-12 digits

(Likely you'll be ok, if you have not revive your phone before or other full backup.)

If different, open the seem with pk2tools/p2kseem/p2kfunc and change it to your address
The seem should be like this (xx xx xx xx xx xx 00 1A 00 F9 00 00 00 00 00 00).
The 1A and F9 is a must to put in.

After changed it save it to a file for later use.

If no different also must save it to a file for later use.

Part 3: Flashing
4) Using MFF/Flashbackup to flash any E398@Rokr MP (*.shx) (Note: RSD_lite not so reliable)
5) After flashing, power on to test your phone. Note: Itunes still not working at this stage.

Part 4: Activate Itunes & Fixing Bluetooth (BT) address
-Part 4.1: Preparing for Activate Itunes
4) Download TomeQ 0371_0001.seem and rename the 0371_0001.seem to 01C4_0001.seem
6) Upload the renamed 01C4_0001.seem with p2ktool/p2kseem/p2kfunc to your phone. (Note: p2ktool have problem

with uploading certain seems and may not work for you)
7) After upload,load it back from your phone to check if it is correct uploaded and then OFF your phone.

-Part 4.2: Modifying PDS to Activate Itunes & Fix BT
8) On your phone back and make a new PDS using Flashbackup. (the following steps are based on Flashbackup

version 2.3)
9) Find the PDS backup [eg. E1 iTunes PDS Backup (05-11-13_031123).fbp]
10) rename the *.fbp to *.cab
11) extract the binary file in *.cab file, and you'll find 2 files (backup and description)
12) rename the backup to pds-original.bin and copy to the PDSTool folder.
13) Using PDSTool (by Indesign) to open the pds-original.bin
14) Then click on the PARSE button. (Then you will see a new folder name seems in the PDS Tool folder).
15) Go into the folder and delete file '0371'
16) Rename file 01C4 to 0371
17) Make a copy of file 01C3
18) Rename the copy to 01C4 (file 01C3 is same as 01C4 now)

19) Remember the modify seem 00AB that you make in Part 2, now copy it into the 'seems' folder together with
other seems.
If you did not have the file, then make your own.
a) Open XVi32.exe (hexeditor)
b) Click FILE -> New -> Edit -> Insert String -> Hex String
c) Copy FF FF FF FF FF FF 00 1A 00 F9 00 00 00 00 00 00 and paste into the hex string box.
(You need to replace the first 12 digit with correct address as your phone,
if dun have then simply put one <--not so nice)
d) save it as 00AB into the "seems" folder together with others seem.

19) Click the assemble at bottom tab
20) Now you will see the folder tree on the left and right is the files REQUIRED TO SELECT to make PDS.bin
21) Set the version to 4 and 009 (version 4009).
22) Goto the seems folder create by PDS tool earlier and select all the file 0001 until 0371
23) Then click assemble to compile the PDS.bin and you will find the inside the seems folder.
24) Using Hexeditor or XVI32.exe to edit the PDS.bin. (This step can be ignore)
25) Change the text PDS4009 to PDS4013 in the hexeditor. (This step can be ignore)
26) Copy the modified PDS.bin to the flashbackup folder where you find your *.fbp

27) Open flashbackup with your phone connected.
28) Flashbackup should detect an uncompress file and will compress for you.
29) Restore the modified PDS to you phone.
30) After sucess restore PDS, ON your phone and you will find Itunes working now.(First time loading it maybe very long, try press off button and on Itunes again)

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