Modding Rokr E6


hi...dear motomodder
this simple step by step to modding moto rokr e6
this step very different to another motorola like E398, motorola clutch 1465, FR68, razr v3 etc
Lets Rokr :

Before you can install many programs on your phone you will first need to install the following 2 pieces of software that will permit you to install other software.

* MPKG - a package installer that will allow you to install executable app packages of type **.pkg (similarly to a java app installer). Once MPKG installer is installed you can copy files of type *.pkg to the root folder of your SD card, then install them by opening the File Manager application on the phone, go to the system folder, tap and hold the stylus on the *.pkg file and a small menu should pop up. Choose 'open with' and then choose the "MPKG" app. This will install the app and let you see it and run it from the phones Application Launcher
* Linloader - this is a program used to run shell scripts. Most of these scripts have the extension **.lin. Once linloader is installed these shell scripts are run by opening the File Manager application on the phone, go to the folder where you have the shell script you want to run, click and hold, choose 'open with' and then choose the "loader" app.

How to Install MPKG

Get the MPKG Installer “Mpkg for E6” file from here then do the following:

1. Unrar the file. You will see it consists of a folder called .system.
2. Plug in the phone, then use Windows Explorer to copy the entire old .system folder from the SD card to a safe place on your PC (so can recover if necessary). [If you can not see the .system file then you do not have “View hidden files” on].
3. Copy the entire .system folder from the rar file to replace the one on your SD card.
4. Unplug the phone from the PC and restart it. You should see a MPKG icon under Application Launcher on your phone.
5. You NEVER run this program directly by clicking it - rather you open other files that have an extension of *.pkg by holding the stylus on those files until a small menu displays. Select “Open With” and select MPKG. You should hear a bell indicating the program has loaded.

[If you have already installed some programs on your SD card before installing MPKG then you should uninstall then before doing the above otherwise you will not be able to access them anymore (phone doesn't find them). You can reinstall them when complete]

If when you install MPKG, and then you copy a xxxx.pkg file to your phone and try to open it wiht MPKG, but get the error message "Invalid application" - then it did not install properly. Try the other install method listed below.

How to Install Linloader

This is the program that users have the most problems getting to install correctly - which may have to do with the version of firmware running on the phone. As a result there are several different methods for installing it described in the threads - as well as different versions of the mpkg and linloader download file that people say to use. An alternate method is also described.

MPKG must be installed first as you need mpkg to install linloader.

1. Download the loader file from here
2. Copy the file to the root folder of your SD card (Make sure extension says .pkg - not .mpkg)
3. Unplug the phone from the PC then use the phone's File Manager to find the file.
4. Hold the stylus on the file until a small menu displays. Select “Open With” and choose MPKG. You should hear a bell indicating the program has loaded.
5. Turn the phone off and on and you should see a Loader icon (a yellow smiley) appearing under Application Launcher.

Alternate Method

This method seems for some

1. Try a different MPKG installer - download the MKPG installer attached in topic "Yan's mkpg and linloader.mkpg installer"
2. Follow the instruction given above to install it.
3. There is a modified mkpg.lin file attached in topic "Volume Increase". Copy that file and overwrite the mkpg.lin on your phone which is from yan's mkpg installer. (Not sure this step is necessary - but can not hurt!!)
4. Download the LinLoader.mkpg attached in topic "Yan's mkpg and linloader installer".
5. Rename LinLoader.mkpg to LinLoader.pkg before copying it to your SD card.
6. Follow steps 3-5 as above

that's it

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