moto modder : [MP]Freedom 7FR [Mpkgbox + QVGA recording]

Freedom 7FR
Based on R6637_G_81.00.7FR + R6637_G_81.11.2CR Fixes


For this MP I would specially like to thank my friend Kidscracker, for helping me out on some things, backing me up on this project, and of course developing Mpkgbox, looking forward to working with you again Carlos
ilove3d for the original Mpkgbox that Kidscracker ported for use in this MP.
Second I would like to thank tankrider, Skrilax_CZ and NestorM for clearing up some doubts I had and giving me suggestions for this MP.
Then I would like to thank the Motorola modding communities on the net, especially ModMyMoto which is where I grew up and MMUS for taking me in as part of their team. Both communities very friendly and helpful, keep it up guys

Change log:

This MP was originally based on R6637_G_81.11.2CR
and it had a patched kernel that enabled swap, among some other features that are really only cosmetic. I decided to base this on R6637_G_81.00.7FR after it was discovered that it could record in QVGA. 7FR Camera libs won’t work on 2CR and while trying to make them work I ended up with a huge mess and other things started breaking. So I decided to base it on 7FR, unfortunately however, The custom kernel from 2CR will not run 100% well with 7FR, if it is flashed this way the wifi stops working. So I made a came to the conclusion QVGA was more important than a custom kernel with swap, therefore this firmware does NOT have SWAP capability. Im sure you guys will understand. If someone can get there hands on 7FR Source code please let me know so I can patch the kernel as this source is not available on Motorola’s site due to 7FR being a developers release.

CG36 Mods:

* QVGA Recording
* Telnet&FTP (Modem&Tools)
* Run Scripts from File Manager
* Unrar and Unzip from File Manager
* Show* Modules
* Removal of certain modules to increase firmware speed


* Custom Bootscreen
* Skins: Alkali, Kodak, Indium, Tuscan (Indium is not present in 062A version)


1. Use RSD Lite 4.x for all flashing
2. Flash noRSA bootloader that corresponds to your bootloader
3. Flash the version of Freedom 7FR that corresponds to your bootloader

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