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Motorola MilestoneMotorola introduced the first Android phone in the world 2.0 Motorola Milestone

After a long wait, finally issued a cell phone motorola high quality. Not just one, but at the same time that Motorola DEXT two focused on social networking functions and Milestone, which is the first phone using Android 2.0. Ladies and gentlemen, Motorola has returned.

Milestone - better known as the Droid popular in America - a conservative form of the box. No curves or charm sexy RAZR here. The classic design includes a variety of functions satisfactorily. Large screen, sharp, and are brighter than the iPhone, plus the keyboard is a slide-out QWERTY. Accompanied by a five-megapixel camera pictures and stabilator LED flash makes this mobile phone seliga with output N series Nokia.

Just like in DEXT, you just wipe the screen to the left or right to change the home screen to display the widget of your choice. This phone will also have MySign feature that allows you to paint the symbol on the phone screen using a finger to open the options application, for example: the symbol S to open the SMS.

Android has thousands of applications that can be downloaded from Android Market ( / market). You can run six applications at once, so do not need to shut Facebook just to see the Twitter feed. Upload to sites like YouTube or Flickr can be done with just a few clicks.

Android 2.0, which is also known by the name of an eclair can manage several email accounts at once, be it Gmail or Exchange. Only by tapping the image of your contacts, will appear choices you can do, whether it calls, sms, IM or email. Finding Your email or sms very easy too.

We were a little disappointed with the keyboard a bit cramped QWERTYnya. But fortunately

virtual keyboard better. His dictionary to learn the words you use often and also suggested names from your contacts list. With multi-touch, you can zoom using two fingers and tapping to select the focus of the camera, just like the iPhone.

Milestone is also a fully functional satnav thanks to the support by the software that shows Motonav landmarks in 3D plus a guide path bookmark important sites. Do not forget to attach 3.5 mm headphone jack for your favorite earphones.

All that is in the best phone since the RAZR and Motorola is the prime Android 2.0 phone is very good. TBA,
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