Motorola Phone Tool

With Motorola Phone Tools, you can share the information contained in your mobile phone with your computer. Once your mobile phone is connected to your computer, the following operations

can be easily processed:
• Place and receive calls.
• Send and receive e-mails and SMS.
• Synchronize your phonebooks and calendars.
• Load, create and modify ringtones for your mobile phone.
• Launch a GPRS session...
Motorola Phone Tools - Introduction
1.5 Minimum system requirements
This application runs under Windows® 98, 2000, Millennium, or XP. To obtain information about
other operating systems and upgrades, contact Avanquest Software or your dealer.
For optimal application performance, make sure your system includes the following:
• Pentium® II 233 MHz computer connected to your mobile phone (via a cable or an
infrared link).
• Available USB port.
• Sound card.
• Hard disk with 20 MB free disk space.
• High-speed network option (GPRS, CDMA 1X and WCDMA) in your subscription with
your mobile phone operator (for using e-mail and a high-speed Internet connection over
the cell phone network).
Contact your access provider if you need more information about your subscription.
• Minimum RAM requirements: 32 MB under Windows® 98, and Millennium; 64 MB
under Windows® 2000 and XP.

Never lose your data if you lose your phone. Transfer and store all your phone numbers on your computer. With just one click synchronize all your phone contacts, calendar and tasks. Choose from Mi*****ft Outlook, Outlook Express, Lotus Notes or the in-built Motorola Phone Tools phone book and calendar client. The intuitive synchronization wizard guides you through the process of updating your calendar and phonebook and provides a backup on your computer.


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