Review Razr V3m

The Razr v3m is part of the widely popular v3 line from Motorola. It is a cameraphone, very thin in design and meant to slim line the bulky, outdated phones consumers are used to. The sleek design allows it to be stored in a pocket and smaller spaces and is more stylish in most cases than other cell phones on the market. The latest versions of the v3 model line were introduced in May 2007.

Overall, the v3m is a step up from the v3c model. It boasts up to 2 GB of external data storage via a SD memory card. It also utilizes a smaller speaker design which allows for a better audio experience, especially when playing music and videos through the device. A faster processor built into the unit gives the v3m a faster response time than the v3c, where users frequently would have to take the battery out of their phone to get the Razr to respond after using different functions that took up most of the phone's memory.

However, problems with the data connection on the v3m make it possible to stay connected to the Internet and data streams despite disconnecting. While a software upgrade is possible to correct the problem, users who have not opted to get upgraded may find problems down the line with their bills. While Motorola did what it could to inform customers of the issue and offer solutions, many cell phone providers, such as Verizon and Cingular, failed to warn customers of potential problems when making their initial purchases.

If you are looking for a cell phone that is small, fashionable and reliable, the Razr v3m is the way to go. It is much cheaper now than it was just a year ago to get your hands on one, and while the Razr line has expanded since then, the v3m is still a great phone to use. It is durable, dependable and will last a long time in good hands.

Source :Motomodder
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