Simple Modding Video E398 / Rokr E1

If you want to watch video on your Motorola phone, chances are the current format that it’s in (DVD, xvid etc.) will not work on your phone. An E398/ROKR is not very powerful, and you must convert the video to a smaller size/bitrate to be able to play it.

The simple, free way:
Just download Nokia Multimedia Converter v2.0 to use it. You will need to register a free account to install the program, it only takes a few minutes. Yes it’s a Nokia program but works fine for this cause. It’s very simple to use, however it only supports narrowband AMR audio, which sounds awful. If you want decent sound quality in your videos you will have to use something else. You must have an R373 based phone to play these video

The more complex, but better way
You need to have a full version of mpegable X4 live. I’m using version 2.2 build 7 and it works perfectly! Install the program and make sure it works OK first.
Now, run the program and you should see something like this:
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Now under input, find the file you want to convert. mpegable can read most files, if you have some crazy H264 file or something you may need to convert it to something else less modern first. The file should load, and the output filename will be automatically chosen, change it if you wish. Ignore the other settings in this window, you don’t need them.
Switch to the Image Preprocessing window. Enable only Cropping/Resizing. Go to the setup box, and on the right choose QCIF (176×144) and under Mode choose Bilinear. You can also mess with the cropping settings here if you have a video with a weird aspect ratio. Press OK.
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Switch to the Video Preprocessing window. Under in/out point, leave it as All Frames unless you only want a section of the video to be converted. If you do, set the start and end here. Under Target Framerate set it to 12.50hz. You can play around with this setting later, but this is a good starting point. Under Deinterlacing choose Automatic.
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Switch to the Interoperability window. Choose 3GPP, H.263 for video codec and AAC for Audio Codec. You could also choose AMR-NB here if you wanted the same horrible audio quality as the Nokia program. AMR-WB will not work.
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Switch to the Movie Info window. Here you can enter details about the file, this is totally optional and I don’t think the phone will display them all anyway.

Switch to the Audio Encoding window. Under Audio Codec choose MPEG4-AAC, and under Bitrate choose 64 kBit/s. Under channels choose Same as input, and under Sample Rate Conversion choose Same as input.
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Switch to the Video Encoding window. Under Video Codec choose ITU H263, and under Video Bitrate choose 75kBit/s. Under Bitrate Mode choose Near Variable Bitrate, and under I-Frame period choose 100. Under Adaptive Framerate choose Flexible, and under Quality/Speed choose High Quality.
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Switch to the Basic IO window. Make sure you note where the output file is going, and press the red button. The encoding process can take quite a while depending on your PCs speed. Once it’s done, find the file and copy it to your phone, either to the TF card or the phone itself. The TF card is preferable as you don’t have much phone memory.
You can copy it by either:
Data cable, and set phone to Memory Card mode under USB settings
P2K Software, P2KTools or P2KCommander
You should place the file in the /mobile/video folder.
Bluetooth does this automatically.

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