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motorola V3
Motofun ver 3.0 MP's

-This is StickyMP
-For BL OA.30,not for OA.52
-Remove card before do this
-Use P2K Easy Tool 3.9
Motofun Ver3:
-View full screen pics
-Save 60 letters and calls to go and not lose the sim change

- Zoom the image to 200% and 250%
- Support Mp3 music up to 320 kbps
- Screen out have more time, providers of services

- Display off immediately outside 3S after closing Hinge

- Applications still run when connect USB

- Phone will vibrate when the light of the call you are connected

- Icon is a small market on the status bar can still see on the menu

- Thui black screen while playing music using the integrated on the phone instead

with wallpapers that are installed

- Patch Elf

- Activation function blacklist

right image in Outer screen (external screen when you open computer)

- Just rename the extension pics. 96x80 gif's''t''(on phone memory) is the change

- Quality shooting -> then taken to the ^ ^

- Receive and send all file types via bluetooth
- Integration Save battery

- ITunes Elf Click 1 time

- Skin + Edit Font By Me

Weed out the excess Patch File to ensure speed and stability for MP

- Remember Card Support up to 2GB

- Sound next auto (Automatically transfer music with the sound without creating Playlit)

with many new types nháy first appear

- Edit Funlight both good activity 2 mode (FunLight) ClubLight (Rhythm Light)

- Edit Font + Position Status clock on creating the new MP for

- Gain Edit: you'll see the difference when listening to the music 320kbps

- DRM is edit and speeds within the limits allowed for the purpose of meeting the needs compose messages with speed ^ ^

- Dual BL Version 3.3 Latest:

convenient for Flash mode with 3 options

- MMA are arranged in a logical order to thoroughly exploit the icon in the skin, especially as icon: itune, Video camera, ... will be taken from the skin and not get in the DRM as MP before will no longer feel the icon is skin contact with

, Also can adjust the on - off: Bluetooth, USB Changing, Key Light in the face

I was assigned to the shortcut you can switch mode 5 Ringstyle very easy

- Bien Hoa with Redkey: the right side has been assigned to Redkey very convenient to: reject call, turn off java without open the machine, vv.vv

- The globe (web button) is changed to Voice Key, you will see the real effect the conversation that must save some important information such as SDT, Address, or Account Number tui ^ ^ .. but in the meantime you do not have pen to paper, you will do? run to make that paper? , No.! you only need: still talk normally get your fingers and press the button to punch at this time call recording is to hear you on the menu -> Tool -> Voice Recoder and file need to hear (note: the recording time and a maximum of 1 minute)

Especially when you Double-click (nháy 2) keys on the right side -> phone will automatically jump to shortcuts -> you can easily select the items available to be assigned shourtcuts
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1: * # + + source (Redkey) -> Phone Takes to the BL

2: + # source (Redkey) -> Insert phone into BL mode Dual

3: * + source (Redkey) -> Take the phone to test point: used to backup or Repair PDS,

Source : Motomodding US
motorola Razr V3
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