Moto Modding | Known issues L6 Useful Files

here are some useful Motorola L6 & L2 files,
it's little different patches in other motorola phone like :
motorola V3, Razr V3xx

USB Charge On/Off Patch: This patch will add an option in the menu to turn USB charging on or off. You will need to activate.

Blacklist Patch: apply the patch, and then create a new group in you addressbook called"Blacklist"

BlueTooth Timeout Patch: You can change the timeout value by editing seem 004A at offset 91.

Display Timeout Patch: This patch allows 20 sec, 40 sec, 1 min & 2 min.

Increase max MMS size to 512kB Patch: Apply the patch, and edit seem 004e_0001 change two values at offset 2e1 2e2, set them to 07 and D0.

No Battery Sound Patch: This will remove the annoying low battery sound for 52.45.

Quadband Activater Patch: Just flash this file on your phone using RSD Lite and it will enable the 850 MhZ (quadband)

Save Calls on Sim Replacement Patch: Don't delete dialed/received calls list on SIM replace. Only for 52.45

Zoom Patch: This patch will increase the zoom in pictures up to 200% and 250%. Only for 52.45.

Other Mods;

Stock Gain Table

L2/L6 BootLoader 8D0: LTE -L2/L6 BootLoader 8D0. in Bin Format

FunLight: Funlight containing: Nocturne (flash keypad + LCD), Solar, Passion & Sky Blue.

Stock Seems;

Stock 0002_0005 seem

Stock 0032_0001 seem

Stock 0002_0005 seem

Stock 004a_0001 seem

Stock 004e_0001 seem

Stock 005b_0001 seem

Stock 010a_0001 seem

Stock 01a8_0001 seem

this patch that iam found in the forum

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