Modify Boot Image Hellomoto when phone power on

motorola boot imagesimple tutorial on how to modify rokr e6 or motorola A1200 (that call motoming) Boot Image Hellomoto when phone power on. Boot Image is a first image that appear before splash animation display when power on phone. It is a GIF 89a image encoded to smg file. pack/ is perl scripts that use to packing and unpacking gif image from and into smg file.

1. Perl Interpreter from ActivePerl

How to unpack bootimage.smg to gif image.
1. rename cg file to bootimage.smg
2. put pack/ into the same folder as bootimage.smg.
3. double click on to extract smg file.
4. 2 files should apprear in bootimage folder. bootimage.gif and cgversion.txt bootimage.gif is a gif image file. cgversion.txt is a text file that indicated version of your cg.

How to pack gif image to bootimage.smg
1. check in bootimage folder that It have bootimage.gif and cgversion.txt.
2. double click on
3. new bootimage cg file should be in new_bootimage.smg.

PS. you can get bootimage.smg from firmware by use sbf codec extract cg39 from E6 and A1200 f/w.

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