Restrict Permission Midlet (java Application) on Motorola ezx phone

because of Motorola EZX phone and another java phone has a restricted permission for java application. such as cannot acces file in phone, cannot make a call, cannot use GPRS. It 's call application permission. To get a permission for file access or anothers of java application is by make java application a Trustedd for phone by send it to motorola or another verifiled company. that I don't like to do that. so I found that we can hack a java application's permission easily from

for Motorola A1200 and Rokr E6
First we hack for a midlet permission by
1. Goto folder .system/java/DownloadApps/MIDletXXXXX/Files where XXXXX is a midlet runing number. and check for file .jar and .jad that this is a right midlet to be hack a permission.

2. go upper 1 folder to .system/java/DownloadApps/MIDletXXXXX/ and edit registry.txt in lines

Is-Trusted: 0 to Is-Trusted: 1
Domain: Untrusted to Domain: Manufacturer


Domain: Untrusted to Domain: Trusted Third Party

PS. becareful if going into this folder by telnet. try copy registry to edit in PC and copy it back.

after this we got a permission. but we need to manage it by
1. Manage midlet permissions by tap and hold on midlet icon
2. select Manage.
3. select Permissions.
4. set permissions that you want to use to Never Ask for Manufacturer domain or Ask once per application for Trusted Third Party.

for Motorola E680i and A780 try looking for here adalah Multiple Search Engine Popular

replace permfile.txt in installed folder of midlet with this one.
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